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Privacy Policy

When using our services, you trust us and provide your information. We feel this is a huge responsibility. We work to protect your information and control it.

Privacy Statement

 We appreciate your interest in our company. Data security is a particularly high priority for DMK management. Personal information on the DMK website is basically without giving the possibility. If a victim wants to take our company's special service on our website to complete, but there is a need for personal data processing. Personal data processing is required and if there is no legal basis for processing, we get a common approval for the person concerned.
Individual data processing, for example, address, email address or telephone number of a person, data protection control and data security controls that always indicate the country will take place according to applicable rules. This privacy policy is what our public wants to know about nature, purpose and the purpose of collecting, used information and personal data processed. Furthermore, information is covered by this privacy statement on legal rights.
DMK has implemented many technical and organizational activities as a data controller, ensuring complete security as much as possible of personal data implemented through this website. However, based on Internet-based data transfers can be security holes, so that a complete security can not be guaranteed. For this reason, it is open to any person affected, personal information on alternate routes, for instance, the phone, to transfer to us.

Terms and Conditions

Your website may use the terms and conditions listed below.
"We" / "Our" / "Our" / "Company" is individually and jointly representing the DMK and the "Visitor" "User".
This page refers to the terms and conditions that you (the visitor) visit this website ("Website"). Please read this page carefully. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions stated here, we will ask you to leave this site. The renewal of this post has any trade in Commercial Rights and its subsidiaries, subsidiaries or subsidiaries or other investment companies (or in India or abroad) to review these Terms and Conditions at any time. Since you have been tied to all users of this website, you need to visit this page to review yourself on terms and conditions.

Usage of content

All the logos, brands, notes, titles, labels, names, signatures, numbers, shapes, or blends appear on the site, assets owned or owned or licensed by the business or / Use of these sites or any other content is strictly prohibited except as provided in these Terms or Conditions or Site Content.
You can not sell or change the contents of this website or create, display, transmit, distribute, or distribute any material for any general or commercial purpose without the consent of the company or company.

Acceptable web application

(A) safety rules
Visitors are prohibited from viewing or visiting the site's security, without limitation (1) access to the server, or to the account, or to the account for such purpose. (3) Try to interfere with the service in any user, host or network, without limitation, the virus or the "Trojan horse" website, "Flood", or "Flood", or "Troubleshooting" Mail smuggling "or" smashing "or (4) ads Sending unsolicited electronic mail, including ads and / or advertising services Computer or network security violations may result in civil or criminal liability. The right and / or its affiliates have the right to investigate suspected cases of such violations. Law enforcement officials are entitled to engage in and engage in the use of users engaged in such violations.
(B) General rules
Visitors can not use the Website to distribute, distribute, store, or otherwise distribute or impair the applicable law or regulation or compromise or regulate or comply with any applicable law. Privacy or amnesty or infringement, defamation, obscenity, obscenity, pornography, intimidation, misconduct, or malpractice of others are copyrighted, trademarks, trade secrets or other intellectual property rights violations or other privacy rights.
Links to other sites
Our policy only reveals privacy practices for our own website. Our site provides links to other sites. We are not in any way obliged to use such sites.
Information sharing
We share important personal information for any third party without the user's priority in the following specific situations:
(A) Whether the court or any court or state institution or authority has to release, investigate or charge detects, including detention, detection and cyber incidents, to verify identity. Such expressions are made with explicit belief and confidence that it is legitimate to enforce these terms; To comply with applicable laws and regulations.
(B) We propose to share such information with the staff of its group companies and group companies and such group companies to process personal information on its behalf. We acknowledge and agree that these Recipients of such information process such information in accordance with our instructions and this Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures.

Information security

We take appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access or unauthorized change, disclosure or data destruction. Including internal reviews of our data collection, storage and processing procedures and security measures, including correct encryption and physical security measures to protect against unauthorized access to settings for saving personal data.
All information stored on our website is stored securely in our control database. The database is stored on the guarded servers behind the firewall; Access password for servers has been password protected and strictly defined. However, because of the usefulness in our security operations, no security system has shaken. We can not guarantee the safety of our database, and we can not interfere with the information you provide when sent to the Internet. Of course, any information you send to the discussions will be available to anyone with Internet access.
However, the Internet is an ever-evolving medium. We can incorporate future changes to make our Privacy Policy periodically changed. Of course, the use of any information we collect will always continue with the information collected policy, regardless of the new policy.